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Forefront Client Security – MOM Installation Failure

Well, I’m working on installing Forefront Client Security at my work and after configuring all of the prerequisites, nobody could figure out why it wasn’t installing. So, I setup a test machine and started playing with it. After about an hour of searching google, it seems nobody really has an answer for why MOM fails to install… but, I just figured it out!

If you check the installation logs in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront\Client Security\Logs\MOMDB.log, you should notice there’s a line in there about an error running a query that results in an ERROR 112. The error is something like “There is not enough space on disk.” Well, in my case I had 60GB free on the disk, so this can’t be right… The database to be created was only 1GB in size.

Well, turns out the Quota on the disk was preventing the file from being created. To change the Quota (or in my case, turn it off for the duration of the install) go to Computer -> Right click on the drive you’re installing on -> Select “Properties” -> Click on the “Quota” tab. Once here you can either uncheck “Enable Quota Management” to completely disable it, or just select the radio button that reads “Do not limit disk usage”.

This should hopefully solve the problem :-)

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