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Scaling Script for Linux on Chromebook

This is a script for easily scaling your Chromebook running Linux (natively, not through Crouton). Put this in ~/bin/res.sh and use like so: res.sh 1280 — The common widths I would use are 1280 and 2560. You can experiment and find what works best for you though! #!/bin/bash #Original author: Travis Gibson #Modified author: Josh […]

Dual Boot Fedora on Chromebook

DO NOT treat this like a recipe! I pieced together these notes after reading through a number of different guides and poking around ChromeOS a little. I did this install over a year ago, so it’s not fresh in my memory. I’m selling my Pixel soon (after buying the new one), so I thought I’d […]

AnyConnect VPN on a Chromebook

Before you begin, you’re going to need to put your Chromebook in developer mode and install Linux via crouton. Neither of these are discussed here, but you can find more information and tutorials on how to do both with a simple Google search. There’s one such example here. The following commands are run in the […]